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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the busy lines of the coronavirus green call-number indicated that our community need a reliable, authentic source of information on health and healthcare related topics that is available 24/7.


Our English-speaking colleagues are available via phone or email!


The purpose of Egészségvonal

Egészségvonal (meaning ‘healthline’ in Hungarian) consists of a contact center and the website with the purpose to:  

  • provide reliable, authentic information for citizens on health-related subjects and help them to get the proper information and medical care in the health care system;
  • optimize and help patient pathways by making citizens familiar with the structure and operation of the health care system;
  • decrease the workload of emergency care providers, including GP on-call services, paramedics and emergency departments;
  • abolish unnecessary patient-doctor interactions, thereby moderating infections and regulating the spread of pandemics;
  • increase the spread of information on public health topics and services, thereby supporting disease prevention and health promotion and development;
  • increase citizens’ health-consciousness and awareness;
  • improve the quality of health care services in order to deepen citizens’ trust in the health care system and increase their satisfaction.


On the website you can find the followings:

  • information on health care services and interventions;
  • descriptions on healthy way of life and preservation of health state;
  • information on diseases in a plain language (in Hungarian);
  • detailed description and patient information leaflets on drugs (in Hungarian).

Furthermore, you can easily find the nearest primary- or special health care provider facility or pharmacy in the search panel of the website.


COVID-19 and Egészségvonal

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Egészségvonal has had an important role by supporting the fight against the pandemic and continuously informing citizens on pandemic-related topics. In 2021, the contact center of Egészségvonal has gradually taken the responsibility for the management of the coronavirus green call-numbers and the e-mail-account in order to serve the citizens’ increased need for information on the pandemic and epidemiological services.


It is notable that Egészségvonal does not participate directly in emergency care provision, therefore, in case of an emergency, call 112 for getting immediate medical attention.


If you call Egészségvonal in case of an emergency, our colleague at our call-service will immediately direct your call to the 112-telephone number.

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