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The “TAJ”, also called as social security code (in Hungarian: társadalombiztosítási azonosító jel) is a nine digit code used for personal identification in the administrative processes related to healthcare, social administration, health and pension insurance. The TAJ card is an official identification card.


The new types of identity cards that have been issued after 1 January 2016, can also serve as identification cards for the TAJ. However, the techniqual equipment cannot recognize these cards everywhere, therefore, even if you have a new type of identity card, it is recommended to take your TAJ card with you for the abovementioned administrative processes. 


The social security code is a code used only for personal identification. The eligibility for health care services is checked electronically by the service provider.


What do you need the social security code for?

With the help of the social security code, it is easy to check whether the holder of the TAJ card has a social security covered legal relationship or not.


If the card holder has a social security covered legal relationship, the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary (Nemzeti Egészségbiztosítási Alapkezelő, NEAK):


  • provide financial support for pharmacies for medications;
  • subsidize certain services (medical examinations, treatments) to the GPs, outpatient facilities and hospitals;
  • ensure sick-pay to the patient, etc.


Besides the expenses of NEAK, the health care service contribution fee can also be registered and followed up by the TAJ, ensuring that the paid contribution fee is linked correctly to the individual who paid the contribution fee. Hence, it is important the provide your employer’s payroll office with your TAJ.


Based on the abovementioned cases, you have to provide your TAJ in the following situations:


  • using social security covered health medical (healthcare) services;
  • taking social security covered medicine and medical aid orders;
  • during social-, child welfare and child protective services-related administrative processes to the applying service providers;
  • during family support and disability-support related administrative processes to the applying service providers;
  • when employed (so that the employer can pay the health service contribution fee).


Applying for TAJ


For all the newborns born in Hungary with Hungarian citizenship, the TAJ card is officially issued, there is no need for an application.


The government office – after providing them with information about the identity and the place of residency of the newborn-, issues and posts the TAJ card to the newborn’s place of residency or to another address requested by the parent, within 8 days.


If the Hungarian citizen newborn was born abroad, the TAJ card issuance is not automatic and an application form is required to be filled out in order to receive the TAJ card.


Here is the application process:


  • for newborns who were born abroad, birth registration process is required;
  • after the birth registration process, a residence card application is necessary for a residence card that certifies the newborn’s Hungarian place of residency;
  • after receiving the residence card, one can apply for the TAJ card.


The application can be made either:


  • in person, at the nearest government office or sub-office to the child’s place of residency;
  • via postal service, by posting the documents to the responsible government office.


If the newborn was born in Hungary, but not a Hungarian citizen

After they were born, the birth registration process has to be initiated in the state of citizenship, and after receiving the necessary documents and establishing a Hungarian place of residency, the TAJ application process can be initiated.



Open adoption: the TAJ remains the same.

Secret adoption: the child will receive a new TAJ.


Adult Hungarian citizen

For individuals who do not have a TAJ, but they become eligible for social security-, social care or unemployed support, they can apply for a TAJ at the designated  government office (based on their home or place of residency) that deals with health insurance processes by filling out the application form.


Foreign citizen

For foreign citizens with social security coverage, the employer requests the TAJ before establishing the employment status. For students, the university/college requests for the TAJ. 


TAJ cards issued for foreign citizens are valid only for a specified time period. After the end of that period the TAJ card becomes invalid.


Replacement of TAJ card if lost/stolen

If the TAJ card gets lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged, one can apply for a copy of the TAJ card by filling out a form (which can be downloaded from NEAK’s website). The individual or their authorized representative can apply for the TAJ replacement at the designated government office.


In order to ask for a replacement, one has to hand in the same documents to the government office that are needed for the TAJ application.


If the issuing government office gets informed about the stolen TAJ card, they initiate the replacement without application. In case of police reports, the police inform the health insurance company of the stolen TAJ card.


What to do in case of change in personal data?

On the TAJ card the following information are present: the owner’s first and last name, date of birth, tax identification card number, the issuing office’s stamp, date of issuance, signature of the issuing person.


In case of change in personal data, the individual has to apply for a new TAJ card within 15 days after the change in data.


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