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Dental services are accessible at the offices of dentistry districts or at special dental clinics. Dental primary care provides preventive care and dental treatment.


At the offices of dentistry districts, usually a dentist and a dental assistant work together, but some of the offices employ a clinical dental hygienist and a maxillo-facial surgeon too.


If the disease is more serious and a higher level of competence is needed than what dental primary care provides, the patient is referred to special dental clinics (e.g. Semmelweis University, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Community Dentistry).


Dentistry districts

The purpose of dental primary care is to provide treatment and preventive care for dental and oral diseases. It is a widely spread misbelief that one can only avail of paid dental services. Dental emergency services, preventive screenings and screenings for source of infection, dental and oral diseases related to other illnesses, conservative treatments, dental fillings, root canal treatment, maxilla-facial care, tartar removal and treatment of gum diseases are accessible free of charge for people with social security coverage.


The dental primary care’s scope of activities:


  • providing regular care and treatment for patients with oro-dental diseases;
  • if necessary, issuance of disability to work certifications;
  • referral to specialty clinics (e.g. maxillo-facial surgery department);
  • dental preventive care by the child- or youth specialist or school dentist.


Regarding dentistry districts (similarly to the GP services) adult, child and mixed dental districts can be found. It is advised to go to the appropriate dentistry district that is the closest to your place of residency.  


Insurance-covered dental services

There are certain types of dental services available free of charge, regardless of age:


  • emergency dental service;
  • dental screening tests (at regular meetings, e.g., above the age 18, once yearly);
  • with a specialist referral, screening tests for source of infection and treatment of oro-dental diseases related to other illnesses;
  • conservative treatments (dental amalgam and aesthetic fillings, root canal treatment/tooth once a year or provided occasionally);
  • maxillo-facial surgical service;
  • tartar removal;
  • treatment of gum disorders.



Depending on age and condition, the following services are also free of charge (except the dental technician equipment and materials):


  • if the patient is under the age of 18;
  • the patient is above 18, but bears a student status in a regular, daytime educational (or vocational) program;
  • from the beginning of pregnancy, until 90 days after giving birth;
  • above the age of 62.


School dentists

In Hungary, minors and adults above the age of 18 who bear a student status in a regular educational or vocational program, may participate in dental screening tests every six months, in order to detect and treat early dental defects.


Emergency dental service

Emergency dental service is available at any dentistry district. Contact the nearest operator in case of any of the following situations:


  • traumatic injury of the teeth;
  • temporo-mandibular subluxation;
  • oral abscess;
  • mandibular break;
  • infectious disease of the oral cavity or the lips;
  • unappeasable bleeding from the gum or the oral cavity;
  • alveolitis;
  • local infiltration for trigeminal neuralgy.


By definition, patients who are in need of emergency dental care have a potentially life-threatening condition, and if they are not provided an urgent dental care their condition might lead to permanent health damage. Therefore, upon oro-dental complaints the designated dentistry district is advised to be contacted.


Orthodontic services

In orthodontic services, the dentists’ service in some cases is free of charge while the dental technician service is still to be paid.


Your dentist can give you a more detailed information in relation to this.


The dentist’s service is free of charge, if:


  • the patient is under the age of 18 or above the age of 62;
  • one obtains a student status;
  • one is pregnant or is within 90 days after giving birth;
  • one had an occupational accident;
  • one is a worker with a disability;
  • one gets public health service;
  • one has a severe disease.


Dental screening tests

In dental care, like in any other medical field, the best management is prevention, hence, for citizens aged 18-62 it is advised to participate in dental screening tests once a year. If the dentist finds an acute or chronic problem, they will provide dental care or they will refer the patient to the nearest outpatient department, if necessary. 


Other free dental services

At dentistry faculties, it is possible to avail oneself in free dental services, if the patients accept to be treated by dentistry students. This, however, does not involve the fees of the materials needed by the dental technician (eg. in case of dental replacements).


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